PaperPort Standard

Scan, Share, Search, and Organize Documents on your PC.

Never lose a document or spend time shuffling through paper. With PaperPort document management software for home or home office, transform any document — receipts, tax information, forms, bills, photos — into high-quality, searchable PDF files you can organize and find with ease.

With PaperPort Standard, you can:

  • Get more organized
  • Take advantage of the cloud
  • Go green
  • Gain true peace of mind
  • Get more done faster
  • Clean up and enhance digital photos
  • Fill out forms quickly, neatly
  • Work with any scanner

Overwhelmed with paper? PaperPort® can help to simplify the chaos by organizing your paper documents – documents, receipts, photos, and more – into digital files on your files on your desktop.

PaperPort is Nuance’s most popular scanning and document management solution, carefully designed specifically for home office use. Part traditional file cabinet, part digital-document desktop, PaperPort is the fastest and easiest way to scan, share, search, and organize your documents.

Additionally, PaperPort now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files via Nuance Cloud Connector.

Get more organized
PaperPort gives you a single solution for scanning paper and accessing, viewing, editing, and converting files on your PC – the best way to get, and stay, organized.

Take advantage of the cloud
Plus, with Nuance Cloud Connector, you can extend powerful document management capabilities to cloud storage services accessible from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for maximum access, peace of mind, and collaboration.

Go green
Reduce waste and conserve energy by putting an end to your reliance on printing, faxing, and mailing. You’ll save money, too!

Gain true peace of mind
Improve document management processes with PaperPort. Once you file a document in PaperPort, you can rest assured it will never be lost, damaged, or accidently thrown away.

Get more done faster
PaperPort 14 includes a powerful PDF Viewer that replaces the free Adobe® Reader®, so you can view, edit, and share PDF documents like never before.

Clean up and enhance digital photos
Scanning pictures is just the first step. PaperPort helps make your digital photos look better than ever with a feature-rich set of photo tools and optimal resolution for screen and print.

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
FormTyper® converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms you can fill out, save as PDF, and email. It’s fast, easy, and automatic.

Works with any scanner
Make your all-in-one printer, mobile scanner, or desktop scanner faster and easier to use with PaperPort 14. Get better results, too.

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