The most secure USB devices with biometric authentication and multiple functionalities.

Securing and protecting your data is our utmost priority. The ThinC compact Secure USB device variants are loaded with the most advanced security features – unique biometric authentication, multi-user access, encrypted storage and remote access from an isolated & clean OS/computing machine. The devices are also in compliance with FIDO/U2F standards – privacy by design.

  • On-board Biometric Authentication (Supports upto 5 Biometric registrations)
  • AES-256 Hardware Encryption (Build-Your-Own-Trust for Enterprises)
  • Device Locking to PC/Laptop or Network (Protection from vulnerable users)
  • Supports multiple Storage Partitions (Individual & Shared Partitions with read-only/read/write permissions)
  • Designed in compliance with FIPS140-2 level 2 standards
  • FIDO2/U2F compliant (privacy by design)

  • Invasive and evasive anti-tamper mechanism
  • Build-Your-Own-Trust for enterprises
  • Addresses multiple security risks
  • Device can be locked to specific PC systems or to a network
  • Enterprises can maintain user logs and even deactivate a device remotely from a most convenient admin console
  • Unique IDENTITY with advanced CRYPTOLOGY techniques creates an ISOLATED, CLEAN & SECURE computing environment
  • Best solution for GDPR Compliance

  • Work from home
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Remote vendor access
  • Restrict malware propagation
  • Remote data administration
  • Hidden partition
  • Address ransomware
  • Restrict viruses
  • FIDO - no more passwords
  • ATM software distribution
  • Share code resources
  • Protect confidential data

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ICONS is a leading technology company and the sole distributor of this product in India.