BT-201 (Wireless Microphone)

The Andrea Communications Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset, BT-201, is the ideal solution for hands free mobile communications in all life’s noisy environments allowing users to have clear, noise free conversations while using a cell phone.


  • Best technology for microphone noise cancelation, enhanced speech intelligibility and wind noise suppression
  • Military grade noise cancellation (NC) boom microphone (providing approximately 20dB of noise reduction)
  • Microphone tip has integrated wind suppression (for 11.5dB of wind noise reduction)
  • Multi-device Bluetooth pairing
  • Light weight with small form factor convenient for portability
  • Wireless Bluetooth headset provides hands-free safety while driving or operating other vehicles
  • One touch button operation for call, answer, end and volume control
  • Provides longer talk time between charges than with a digital processing devices with same battery size/type, 6~8 hours talk time, 150 hours standby
  • Headset operates up to 30 feet from handset
  • Provides a cost effective enhanced audio quality solution
  • Compatible with PCs utilizing Windows 7 OS, Windows 8, and Apple Macintosh Computers

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ICONS is a leading technology company and the sole distributor of this product in India.